wk. o. Dec. 26

Carrie Fisher died. John Kerry gave a speech after the UN vote against Israel. Netanyahu came back swinging at Kerry. Debbie Reynolds died.

Only a Few More Days Until the Second Worst Day in U.S. History

Trump’s inauguration is almost upon us. I’m both sick to my stomach and eager to see what it’ll be like. A total disaster? A success? Let’s take a look at his musical guests. 3 Doors Down. Toby Keith. Damn, man. That’s a fucking low bar.

Apparently 5,000 bikers will be forming a wall of “meat” between them and “violent” protestors. Man, fuck bikers. They can live however they want. It’s totally fine by me. Honestly, it’s kinda cool. I’m aware of my clumsiness; I know I couldn’t ride a motorcycle without killing myself.

But, really. These people. Such a silly demographic. Conservative, state-hating, drug smuggling, violence endorsing manbaby hoodlums.

Kelly-A’s Forte: Deflecting Sans Reflecting

Ah, yes! New week, new shitstorm. On Sunday, Meryl Streep ripped on Trump in her acceptance speech. Particular focus on Trump’s caricature of Serge Kovaleski, a reporter for the NYT, who also happens to be disabled. ‘Twas a bit schmaltzy for me. Right thoughts, wrong forum. The pontificating during the acceptance speech trope is just disingenuous. Don’t make these comments on the fucking tv with your fancy clothes on in a self-congratuory industry awards show. Do it in real life. Go on tv. Write. Activist. Blog.

For God’s sake, don’t use Twitter.

And now there’s Kelly-A’s mind-numbing counter to Streep. Logical fallacies are just taught in school these days it seems; don’t apply to the real world.