Remember When People Were Saying Trump Would Be ‘More Presidential’ Once He Was the Nominee?

What I think is particularly interesting, albeit terrifying, is the lack of the extent to which Mr. Trump has acted presidentially. More than a year ago, the national debate was when Mr. Trump would start acting presidentially. That is, after securing the GOP’s nomination, he’d evolve into the earnest, genteel cavalier dealmaker that he—and many other people—portray him as embodying. Think, perhaps, a contemporary Don Draper. Not only has he not acted this way. He doesn’t seem interested in it or even capable of it.

The man we have is the man we’ve got. He tweets. He doesn’t read. He is disrespectful. He talks about himself. He manipulates media. The longer Bannon and him keep working together. At this point, it would better for anyone else. Mr. Pence, Mr. Ryan, Mr. McConnell. The last one hurt. Yes, I’m admitting I’d rather have President McConnell than a President Trump. That is a low bar.

Our own Berlesconi.